Posted in: March 2019
badass breastfeeding podcast

082 – Nighttime Breastfeeding With Tracy Cassels, PhD – Evolutionary Parenting

This week on the Badass Breastfeeding Podcast, Abby talks with Dr. Tracy Cassels, the author at Evolutionary Parenting. You do not want to miss this amazing interview. Dr. Cassels will talk about how evolution plays a role in your baby’s behaviors, and why your baby does what they do as a newborn.

Posted in: February 2019
badass breastfeeding podcast

079 – BOOBS!!

How do YOU feel about the sexualization of women’s breasts? Are breasts sex organs? Why or why not? You do not want to miss this week’s episode of the Badass Breastfeeding Podcast. Abby and Dianne break down the reality of breasts and what society perceives as the reality of breasts. Check it out! And let us know what you think!