This episode was originally published on June 15, 2020.

Have you ever worried about your milk supply?

Have you ever wondered what can actually impact your supply?

Do you need reassurance that your supply is GREAT?

You definitely need to listen to this week’s episode.  Milk supply is always a hot topic.

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Things we talked about:

Some popular reasons we assume there is a milk supply problem [4:28]

Pump correlations? [5:40]

DO NOT compare to others [8:19]

Bottle feeding norms vs. Breastfeeding norms [10:54]

What (if anything) creates milk supply issues? [12:38]

Latch issues [14:01]

Scheduled feeds[21:12]

Medications [26:09]

Pregnancy [30:21]

This week’s shout out!

Mamas Village Fayetteville

Other things we talked about:

Information about Calcium/Magnesium supplement for breastfeeding mothers

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