“Honey, I was talking about breastfeeding today with a co-worker when someone else we work with asked how long I planned to breastfeed.  He said that his wife breastfed and he was supportive of breastfeeding, but that he didn’t see the value after six months and asked how YOU felt about it and if YOU support continued breastfeeding past 6 months.”

“Honey, that’s so strange!  I have never even considered that breastfeeding doesn’t have value after a certain date.” 

“Me either.  I can’t even describe how that conversation made me feel.  Kind of like society was trying to control my choices.  It’s implied that partners should not support breastfeeding long term, and the only reason I can think of is sexual.  That’s not ok.” 

This week Dianne and Abby talk about how things may be said or implied to control your breastfeeding relationship with your baby.  Maybe you don’t even realize that this is what’s happening!  After you listen to this week’s podcast, you might realize that this has been happening all along! 

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