This week we are taking a vacation to spend the holidays with our families!  We will be replaying episode 24 Alcohol Consumption and Breastfeeding, our most popular episode.  We will be back next week with an all new episode!

“Honey, Is that a white wine you are drinking with that fish and broccoli?! What are you doing? I thought you were a breastfeeder!!” 

 “I didn’t know!! Is that bad? It was only one glass!” 

 Listen this week as Dianne and Abby talk about alcohol consumption during breastfeeding. After you listen, maybe you can relax with a glass of wine! 

 P.S. There is a difference between having a glass of wine or a beer, and getting trashed. Drinking too much leads to bad decision-making. Please be careful and make good decisions with your baby…And don’t share a bed with your baby after drinking!!

 And hey, thanks for all the reviews on iTunes! We love them!! Please keep them coming!! Stay tunes because we will have another comment giveaway soon!! 

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