Were you told you should give Iron or Vitamin D supplements to your breastfed baby? Are you unsure how your baby even gets the nutrients they need? Do you ever wonder if your breastmilk has the nutrients it needs when you may be deficient? This is the podcast episode for you.  You will learn all you need to know about iron and vitamin d…so get ready.  

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Things we talked about:

Iron Supplements [4:02]

·What is anemia and do babies get it? [4:10]

·Where do babies get iron from, anyway? [4:25]

·What is the truth about iron absorption? [7:10]

Vitamin D Supplements [19:55]

·Vitamin D and where you live [21:22]

· Is your breastmilk deficient in vitamin d? [23:00]

·Dianne shares a great study about vitamin d (we love science) [23:42]

·Should mothers take vitamin d? [24:11]

·Options for supplementing babies [25:59]

 The Tip of the Week was from Rebecca Holloway Herbst from the Badass community [18:57]

Information we talked about that you should see:


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badass breastfeeding podcast
badass breastfeeding podcast

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