Are you worried about COVID 19 and how this may impact breastfeeding?

Are you trying to figure out how to homeschool your child and breastfeed your baby?

Were you wondering if we would do a COVID episode and what we would possibly have to say?

Wait no longer.  Here you go.

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Things we talked about:

The elephant (or hurricane, as Abby said) in the room

Breastfeeding during Covid 19 [9:24]

Should you separate from your baby if you are sick? [10:45]

Breastfeeding during emergencies [12:04]

World Breastfeeding Week theme about emergencies [12:04]

World Health Organization (WHO) suggestions [14:15]

Don’t let people come over [15:47]

Click here for an on-line consultation with Dianne! [17:30]

Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations on breastfeeding [20:11]

Dr. Jack Newman recommends continued breastfeeding and keeping mother and baby together after birth [20:59]

Home schooling? Handling older babies during pandemic [27:18]

Dianne’s teacher friend has advice [29:44]

Suggestions for small kids and big kids- home school ideas [32:44]

A friend of a friend compiled this list of online resources. Share yours too! This a really nice and simple YouTube…

Posted by Abby Theuring on Saturday, March 21, 2020

Mental health and engagement [35:12]

Gypsyandspice on IG for those in need of breastmilk or formula due to formula hoarding [35:50]

Abby’s words of wisdom as a social worker [37:30]

We are all in this together [39:49]

Tip of the Week!  From Isobelle Henderson [18:45]

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