Giving your baby a bottle.  Why is this so stressful?

And what do you do if your baby won’t take the bottle? GAH!  

Tune in this week as we discuss some tips to help your baby take a bottle. 

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Things we talked about:

Your baby will eat when they are hungry…??? [6:29]

Bottle feeding is different than breastfeeding [8:13]

What if your baby took a bottle before, but won’t now? [10:00]

When should you start practicing bottles? [14:00]

Which bottle should you use? [14:45]

Should mom give the bottle? [15:43]

Change baby’s position [21:20]

Be consistent! [23:35]

Slow flow nipples for the win [25:08]

Lactation consultants can help with bottle refusal [27:55]

Babies need time to learn bottle feeding [32:40]

Older babies [35:03]


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