Did you have an idea in your head about how motherhood was going to be?

Were you resentful or upset when it did not turn out that way?

Do you wonder where these ideas even come from?

You must be saying yes to at least one of these questions, because expectations are everywhere.

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Things we talked about:

Abby’s amazing statement on expectations (that she did not make up) [2:54]

Deep levels of resentment [6:32]

Breastfeeding resentment [7:18]

Jack’s brilliance [10:02]

Expectations bypass science [12:07]

Sleep expectations and where it came from [14:52]

Cycle of resentment [20:44]

Normal? Reality? [23:48]

Does it get easier?  Or does it get different? [24:28]

Daycare expectation/ separation from baby [26:53]

Pumping expectations [27:40]

How to look at expectations in your life [31:39]


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Other things we talked about:

Breastfeeding Class!!  6/25/20


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