“Honey, we were talking about sleep in my mom’s group.  One of the mamas was saying that her baby has not fed during the night in months.  I am still feeding our little guy during the night.  Do you think there is something wrong?  They said maybe he isn’t getting enough milk and that’s why he is still waking.”  

“Honey, I’m not sure.  However, I would think that it is different for all babies, right?”  

“Hmmm, maybe.  I’m going to go listen to the Badass Breastfeeding Podcast.  Dianne and Abby are talking about night feeds this week.  That will help!”  

This week, Dianne and Abby take on the topic of night feeds.  Is it normal?  Is your supply low?  Is this something that will go on forever?  Are you being punished for something?  Listen this week and get the answers to all of those questions and much, much more.

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