Contraception and abortion.  How do either of these things affect breastfeeding?

Or do they?

Check out this week’s episode as Dianne and Abby address the abortion topic (a hot one right now in the US) and how to know what birth control is safe for you.

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Things we talked about:

Some initial thoughts on abortion [6:40]

Contraception first up [9:44]

Condoms [9:50]

The contraception question in the hospital [12:10]

Establishing supply [14:50]

Dianne’s experience with an IUD [18:06]

Stick with what you know [23:47]

IUD [25:17]

What do you do if your supply dwindles? [26:38]

Breastfeeding as birth control [29:02]

Abortion while breastfeeding?  Is it safe? [30:43]

When you already have a child, but consider abortion [33:40]

Morning after pill [36:06]

Things Dianne learned at a reproductive rights rally [39:40]

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