Alcohol and breastfeeding.  What a topic. 

What are the rules?  Should you pump and dump?  Are there any rules at all?

Tune in for the actual science and numbers behind alcohol and breastfeeding.  You won’t believe it.

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Things we talked about:

This is one of the most judgmental topics [3:36]

Knowledge is power [6:29]

Safety issue, not an alcohol issue [7:10]

No one thinks they are more sober than a drunk person [10:14]

How much alcohol in a glass of wine? [11:52]

How much alcohol is in orange juice? [14:20]

Other random things with alcohol [16:45]

Making good decisions [23:49]

Don’t focus on the alcohol [26:56]

Alcohol and milk supply [29:55]

Do not dump your milk [31:16]

Alcohol test strips [33:31]

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