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Do you ever feel guilty?  Maybe from parenting, or how you choose to raise your baby or how you choose to feed them?  It can become a vicious cycle.  Listen today as Dianne and Abby discuss guilt and offer tips to coping with feeling guilty. 

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Things we talked about:

Some characteristics of parent guilt [5:03]

Feeling guilt as a first-time parent [8:09]

Societal and social media [11:17]

Causes of mom guilt [14:00]

Differing parenting styles [20:49]

Feeling bored with your kids [22:16]

Criticism [22:56]

Wanting to go to work [26:00]

Striving to be perfect [27:00]

Deciding between breast and formula feeding [28:06]

Screen time [30:27]

Ways to help cope with guilt [34:34]

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