Do you ever wonder what the heck your newborn is doing?

What’s normal and what’s not? And does everything mean the baby is hungry?

Learn all about newborn behaviors and learn a little more about what your baby is doing and why.

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Things we talked about:

Message from a listener with information for the Badasses about TTC [2:55]

Dianne starts with crying [8:00]

The crying curve [9:00]

Dunstan Baby Language [13:58]

Fussy after feeds [16:50]

Babies don’t like to be put down [18:06]

Think about the age [21:20]

Babies like rhythmic movement [23:30]

Overstimulation [24:07]

Newborn reflexes [30:45]

Do babies know hunger or full? [33:22]

Waking through the night [39:15]

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