Badass Breastfeeding Podcast

Do you know the difference between co-sleeping and bed sharing?

Are you freaked out at the idea of co sleeping and / or bed sharing?

Do you know the rules for safely sleeping? If not, definitely listen up.  

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Things we talked about:

James McKenna, what does a safe sleep environment mean? [5:56]

Breastfeeding [6:46]

Co sleep vs. bed share [8:05]

Rules for your bed [10:04]

What kind of mattress to have [11:59]

LLL statement [15:07]

Safe Sleep Seven [20:46]

Breastfeeding cuddle curl [23:12]

Why the cuddle curl works (James McKenna research) [24:13]

This week’s shout out [19:44]
Women’s Hall of Fame Inductees

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