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Pumping at work is a difficult job, but what if you are being bullied by coworkers while pumping?  This is one listener’s story of her experience with pumping and the coworkers who bullied her the whole way through. Don’t miss  this story.

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Things we talked about:

Thanks, Cincinnati! [5:50]

The bullying story [7:15]

There have been new pump laws passed since her experience [8:27]

The problem wasn’t the pumping, it was her coworkers [8:43]

The other bullying story on the Badass Breastfeeder Blog [10:00]

Early return from maternity leave [13:10]

What they were doing to bully her [14:58]

HR involved, how pumping is affected by the stress [19:37]

Some advice to help with pumping at work [21:02]

Bullying in Chicago [23:25]

Officer “Can’t Recall” [27:50]

Abby’s work experience [32:56]

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