Milk Supply Myths That Hurt Breastfeeding – REPLAY

Is your baby constantly nursing?
Have you ever wondered if blue Gatorade will increase your supply?
Will your milk loose nutritional value?
Milk supply myths will completely change the way you think about your milk supply. We love busting myths, and these are some of our favorites.

5 Ways We Are Set Up To Fail

Have you ever felt like society has been standing in the way of breastfeeding? Did you have to return to work before you were ready or did you ever receive incorrect breastfeeding information? Are you sick and tired of the sexualization of breasts? If your answer is an enthusiastic YES, then you will be cheering during this episode. Go listen.

Night Weaning and Boundaries

Have you become so frustrated with nighttime breastfeeding that you want to night wean? Have you wondered about night weaning, but you’re just too tired to figure it out?
Are you interested in setting up some breastfeeding boundaries with your baby/child? Well mamas, this is it. If the answer isn’t in this episode, we can tell you where to find the answer (also in this episode).