130 – Clogged Ducts And Mastitis

Clogged ducts~what are they and how do the happen? [4:10]
Tit in a teacup [6:05]
Heat or ice? [7:35]
New uses for your electric toothbrush and/or your vibrator [8:11]
Recurring plugs…can this happen? [10:20]
Your milk is FINE [11:28]
We definitely need another myth show [12:10]
How many times can Abby say “tit in a teacup” [13:54]
Other creative ways to clear a plug [14:08]
Milk blebs [20:18]

129 – Balancing Solids With Breastfeeding

Are you getting ready to start solids and you are freaking out because you aren’t sure how to do it?

Were you given very little guidance about starting solids?

Are you questioning how to balance solid foods and breastfeeding? If so, we are glad you’re listening.  We may not be that helpful, be we are here for you.

127 – Vitamin D and Iron Supplements For Breastfeeding Babies

Were you told you should give Iron or Vitamin D supplements to your breastfed baby?Are you unsure how your baby even gets the nutrients they need? Do you ever wonder if your breastmilk has the nutrients it needs when you may be deficient? This is the podcast episode for you. You will learn all you need to know about iron and vitamin d… so get ready.

123 – The Secret Behind Those Breastmilk Storage Guidelines

Confused about milk storage? Not sure how long you can leave your milk out for, how long you can freeze it, or what to do if your partner leaves the door to the freezer open and 500 ounces of milk thaws by mistake (This last one actually happened to someone Dianne knows)? Tune in to the Badass Breastfeeding Podcast this week and get all the storage information you will ever need.

121 – Why Your Doctor Is Wrong About Breastfeeding

This week on the Badass Breastfeeding Podcast, Dianne and Abby are discussing how information from doctors can be misleading, confusing, and downright incorrect. How much lactation training do they get anyway?? You better listen to this week’s episode if you want to know more about that!