Have you ever wondered “what is reflux?”

Have you ever worried that your baby may have reflux?  

We decided to do this episode because reflux is so common and a big concern for new parents.  Education is power.

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 Things we talked about:

  • Reflux is common
  • Severity and baby behavior can determine how to handle it
  • Being informed and educated is key
  • Medication 
  • Symptoms of reflux   [5:18]
  • “Reflux is expected” see more about this here https://www.ecronicon.com/ecgds/pdf/ECGDS-06-00452.pdf
  • Breastfed babies have less reflux.  Why?  [9:05]
  • Reflux vs. gerd [9:28]
  • Tips for reflux babies [15:11]
    • Frequent feeds
    • Position
    • Avoid overfeeding
    • Babywearing
  • Should you thicken feedings? [21:26]
  • Is there a benefit to stomach acid? [26:40]

 Other resources we talked about during this episode~

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