Are you getting ready to start solids and you are freaking out because you aren’t sure how to do it?

Were you given very little guidance about starting solids?

Are you questioning how to balance solid foods and breastfeeding? If so, we are glad you’re listening.  We may not be that helpful, be we are here for you.

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Things we talked about:

*starting solids is an individualized topic and we can’t detail every situation*[3:30}

  • Where did Abby’s cat go?  If you know, send us a review and mention the cat [4:12]
  • Listener question #1  [4:49]
    • When to start solids?
    • Confusing guidelines
  • Whole foods vs prepared baby foods – Abby the Food Saint [8:27]
  • Should Dianne and Abby really write the baby manual? [10:54]
  • When to give the first meal [11:20]
  • How do you know if your baby has had enough solids? [13:22]
  • Listener question #2 [15:29]
  • No protocol for giving solids [21:31]
  • Allergy foods [22:16]
  • Abby creates a protocol [24:08]
    • Start with 1x a day for a week or so
    • At about 1 month you get a better idea of what they like and what’s too hard to clean up so you never offer again
  • Learning curve questions [27:57]
    • What time to start giving solids?
    • What foods to start with?
    • What textures?
    • Spoonfeed or baby-led?

The Tip of the Week was from Danielle @dep81013 from the Badass community [19:41]

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Here is that awesome Instagram account about feeding children that Abby was talking about!

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