Have you ever had a plugged duct?

Have you ever wondered what the heck a plugged duct is?

Have you ever wanted to put your tit in a teacup?

Worried about mastitis?  Well, have we got a podcast for you.

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Things we talked about:

Plugged or Clogged ducts

  • Clogged ducts~what are they and how do the happen? [4:10]
  • Tit in a teacup [6:05]
  • Heat or ice? [7:35]
  • New uses for your electric toothbrush and/or your vibrator [8:11]
  • Recurring plugs…can this happen? [10:20]
  • Your milk is FINE [11:28]
  • We definitely need another myth show [12:10]
  • How many times can Abby say “tit in a teacup” [13:54]
  • Other creative ways to clear a plug [14:08]
  • Milk blebs [20:18]

Mastitis [21:40]

  • Natural remedies or medications?
  • Recurring mastitis [27:08]
  • Thrush [31:50]
    • Look for a future episode about thrush

The Tip of the Week was from Rachel Dixie Monument [18:41]

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