Did you ever feel like you were being pressured into making decisions about breastfeeding and parenting?  As if what you are doing is wrong?

Do you ever feel like the relationship with your providers is more like an authoritative relationship instead of a partnership?

If yes, you should be listening to this episode.  And then send us a message about your experiences.

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Things we talked about:

The basis of this episode, of the podcast as a whole, and of the work we both do [3:05]

We might curse in this episode, so watch out for little ears who may be listening [4:27]

Message from a listener with a question that started this whole episode [4:39]

Doctors as authority figures? [6:45]

Why your baby needs to get off his lazy ass [9:40]

Abby’s talk about authority and her experience [11:30]

Who is the authority about your baby? [17:31]

How much lactation education do providers get? [28:30]

Why do we expect doctors to know it all?  Is that fair? [30:38]

Breastfeeding is not only about nutrition for babies [37:35]

Feeling touched out right now [39:13]

We need to change our thinking!! [41:30]

What does the AAP say? [43:40]

Stories for upcoming podcast episodes! [47:45]

Tip of the Week!  From smileykylie89 on IG [26:46] and Diariemcc on IG [28:00]

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