Have you spent time worrying about milk supply?

Did you question your milk supply when your baby was feeding every 2 hours but your best friends baby feeds every 4 hours?

Are you freaked out because you only pump an ounce of milk?

Well stay put and listen and learn all about storage capacity.  You will be amazed.

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Things we talked about:

What is breast/storage capacity anyway? [4:04]

Storage capacity does not equal milk supply [5:44]

Description of ‘breastfeeding management’ from Kellymom [6:37]

Best explanation of storage capacity EVER [7:20]

Feedings vary by time of day, etc [12:45]

Dianne’s friend Claire that she had permission to talk about [13:30]

Words of wisdom from Nancy Mohrbacher and her storage capacity explanation [15:27]

Breastfeeding as a bad habit?  When do bad habits really start anyway? [16:37]

How do you minimize bad habits? [17:50]

Pumping and storage capacity [26:52]

Be cautious of bad information! [27:45]

Everyone has a different journey [29:27]

Newborn behaviors to blame!  Blame the baby 🙂 [33:47]

Don’t forget to check out the infographic on the website! [34:50]

Tip of the Week!  From sewhappy dolan3 [24:00]

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Nancy Mohrbacher’s amazing image explaining breast storage capacity!

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