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Benefits to breastfeeding for babies and parents.  There are a lot of them.

Listen as Dianne and Abby break down some beneficial reasons to breastfeeding.  I bet you will learn something new. 

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Things we talked about:

All different kinds of benefits to talk about [7:08]

Why breastfeeding is so good for babies’ health [8:25]

Osteoporosis [10:44]

Breast / ovarian cancer [13:00]

Oxytocin [14:10]

Saving money – and the controversy [17:30]

Weight loss [20:43]

Anemia [22:59]

Breastfeeding as birth control [24:10]

Study from Indonesia regarding fussy babies [26:20]

Colostrum can’t be replicated [33:50]

Obesity / overfeeding [35:15]

Building confidence [36:45]

Dental [37:30]

Sleep [41:27]

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