It’s Black Breastfeeding Week!  Join us for an amazing interview with Miesha, The Nurse Milk!  You will learn so much about the history behind Black Breastfeeding.  Don’t miss this! 

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Things we talked about:

Who is the Nurse Milk? [5:28]

How did becoming a parent affect being a nurse? [7:18]

Systemic racism…the health care system…[9:40]

Forcing change/ a health care system built on racism [16:00]

Some background and history [18:14]

Rebecca Lee Crumpler [20:42]

Ignoring experiences [30:37]

What is the issue no one talks about? [31:20]

Calling out racism [40:36]

Checking your own bias [43:28]

Importance of sharing images of black women breastfeeding [49:28]

Meet Shamiesha! On IG at @thenursemilk. On Facebook at Nurse Milk

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Links talked about in this episode!

Please check out the podcast 1619. You can listen to episode 4 – How The Bad Blood Started for information on Rebecca lee Crumpler and the Freedman’s Bureau.

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