Have you become so frustrated with nighttime breastfeeding that you want to night wean?

Have you wondered about night weaning, but you’re just too tired to figure it out?

Are you interested in setting up some breastfeeding boundaries with your baby/child?

Well mamas, this is it.  If the answer isn’t in this episode, we can tell you where to find the answer (also in this episode).

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Things we talked about:

We are not telling you how to night wean in one night [3:55]

Normal expectations of night waking [4:49]

Sleep has nothing to do with breastfeeding [8:01]

Start boundaries during the day [10:59]

Parenting is keeping you up at night, not breastfeeding [16:02]

Consistency is important [22:23]

Nighttime feeds are different from daytime feeds [24:37]

When weaning, replace feeds with a different kind of comfort [27:50]

Biological norm for sleeping kids [31:58]

Boundaries can help reach breastfeeding goals [33:10]

Dr. Jay Gordon – gentle night weaning [33:38]

Involve your partner or family [37:56]

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