Has anyone ever criticized your breastfeeding?

Have you ever heard that breastfeeding is only for food?

Has anyone ever mentioned that breastfeeding isn’t beneficial past a certain age?

If your answer is HELL YES, then you will be applauding this episode.  Go listen.

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Things we talked about:

What are we talking about this week? [3:41]

The discussion on Abby’s IG feed [5:47]

Is nursing a bad habit? [6:28]

Pacifiers [14:01]

Isn’t it hard to let your baby cry? [17:06]

Abby gets right into it [23:09]

It’s worth it [25:00]

It’s impossible to spoil a child with breastfeeding [26:19]

Fixing problems…who’s fixing the problems? [28:23]

Working through your own stuff [32:38]

This week’s shout out [21:51]
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