Are you affected by marketing?

Do you notice all the areas of marketing in your environment (not just with a baby)?

Are you enraged at how often we are targeted to live a certain way or buy a certain product?

If you have ever noticed items coming up on your social media feed that you googled in the past, you need to listen to this episode. 

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Things we talked about:

Welcome Back! [3:00]

Abby’s sharing her woodsy thoughts [5:45]

Goal of marketing formula [6:10]

Where does the influence come from? [10:50]

Subliminal marketing messages [11:10]

Who’s affected by advertising? [11:34]

When google knows what we want [15:04]

How deep does it go? [18:41]

It’s undoable [24:52]

Pumping and multitasking [27:17]

Who profits [28:18]

Crisis [36:15]

What can you let fall away [36:44]

This week’s shout out [22:05]
Vanessa Simmons, Normalize Breastfeeding Official


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