We never seem to get enough sleep – and we never seem to get enough episodes on sleep.

This is a presentation from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine on bedsharing.  Listen up and learn what the medical professionals have to say.

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Things we talked about:

Where this presentation came from [3:56]

Message from the UK [6:34]

Why human babies want to be close and feed often [8:57]

We don’t understand infant sleep [13:37]

Does evolutionary biology change? [16:10]

What sleeping like a baby really means [18:40]

Poor sleep = breastfeeding cessation [23:30]

Options given to parents [25:00]

Babies in another room [27:40]

Are you really someone who promotes breastfeeding if you discourage bedsharing? [30:30]

“Never bedshare” messages prevent conversation about the issue [33:598]

ABM protocol #6 on Bedsharing [39:44]


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