Here we are again…holiday season.  If this is your first holiday season, our gift to you (one of many) is some advice and guidance from seasoned parents about dealing with others during the holidays. Don’t miss it.

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Things we talked about:

Dianne’s blended family and an example of holiday chaos [8:53]

The Gravy and the Pacifier [10:01]

It seems like certain people tend to be more…umm…invasive than others [12:02]

Helpful when partners are on the same page [12:50]

Changing cultural norms [14:40]

The comebacks (there are good ones) [15:40]

Educating others [17:09]

Leaving the room – The Escape [24:05]

Alcohol [27:00]

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore [29:20]

Harassment is not ok [35:11]

The best response someone shared with us is….[37:30]

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