Have you ever worried about “illegal breastfeeding”?

Has anyone ever told you to stop breastfeeding?

Do you know the breastfeeding laws of your state?

You’re about to learn what they are.  Get ready.

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Things we talked about:

Being confused by the laws [3:26]

Where to find the laws [7:14]

Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act of 2019 [8:13]

Indecency laws [11:32]

Breastfeeding in the workplace – 32 states [12:31]

Jury duty in NYS [14:18]

Breastfeeding education campaigns – 6 states [16:34]

The only breastfeeding law we should have (according to Dianne and Abby) [30:24]

Listener homework for the week [37:58]

This week’s shout out [20:19]

Rue Khosa ARNP, IBCLC, The Boob Boss

IG @rue_theboobboss

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