This formula shortage is scary.  There is no sugarcoating it.

Has the formula shortage thrown you into a whole new state of anxiety?  Are you wondering why this is happening, or what you can do?

Listen this week as we talk more about the shortage, why it’s impacting families and some things you can do to get by.  Also, it is our first ever Call To Action.

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Things we talked about:

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The misinformation regarding the formula shortage [9:54]

Safety of donor milk [12:25]

3 companies = all the formula  [16:19]

One of the biggest reasons for the shortage [21:24]

The pandemic and how that impacted the formula shortage [21:56]

WIC   [26:28]

Access to lactation support [31:02]

Call To Action! (our first!)  31:45]

Re-lactation [36:00]

The good news [41:23]

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