Birth Intervention…what is it? 

How do you know if you are dealing with breastfeeding issues due to intervention?

Join us this week as we talk more about birth intervention and breastfeeding.

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Things we talked about:

Why does birth impact breastfeeding? [6:07]

The NO BLAME PSA [6:48]

The headache analogy [10:22]

Epidurals (because this is the most common intervention) [11:08]

Late epidurals [16:00]

Being educated [22:31]

Doulas for the win!! [24:58]

The birth history tells a story leading to breastfeeding [26:50]

Sleepy Babies [28:50]

Fluid [30:18]

The birth parent matters [35:49]

You can’t have a mom without a baby [38:00]

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