Are you ready to start bottles but feeling nervous about it? Or have you already started bottles, but your baby hates it?  Now what?  Listen today as Dianne and Abby talk about the when and how of introducing bottles to your baby. 

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Things we talked about:

Messages from 2 exclusive pumpers [3:21]

When to start introducing bottles [12:37]

Where do you get the milk? [14:56]

Who should give the bottle?  [16:27]

Paced feeding [23:06]

Bottle feeding isn’t easier [25:05]

Waiting too long to introduce a bottle [27:00]

Childcare and overfeeding and bottle refusal [31:33]

What to do if baby won’t take a bottle at all [35:00]

Bottles aren’t all the same [37:05]

Trying a cup instead of a bottle [38:40]

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