What’s the most common question lactation consultants get?

How to know your baby is getting enough milk.  Tune in today as we answer this question and help you identify how to know when your baby is getting enough to eat.  Don’t miss it.

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Things we talked about:

What about all the amazing things that happen before the baby is born? [7:14]

When you need to know how much, and the signs aren’t enough [10:43]

Diapers – what should you be seeing if baby is getting enough? [12:50]

Simple solutions that helped Abby and Exley [15:15]

What doesn’t work [21:40]

Knowing your baby [22:54]

Will your baby come off when done? [23:57]

Timed feeds?  How long should baby stay on? [25:25]

Recognizing the signs that your baby is feeding [26:40]

Milk per feeding [31:40]

Weighed feeds- good or not so good? [32:48]

Is it a weight problem at all? [37:30]

How to get more milk into your baby [38:50]

It’s important to identify the problem [41:30]

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Certain hospital procedures have an impact on how you get started with breastfeeding, but you can work through it to successfully breastfeed.

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