Oh those nighttime feeds.  Do you think you can learn to appreciate them?

What if your baby does sleep?  Does that mean you have to pump?  What happens?

Episodes about sleep never get old.  Why?  Because everyone loves sleep and there is so much to talk about.  This is proof of that.

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Things we talked about:

This Book Sucks [2:00]

Dianne’s in a covid haze [4:48]

Trying to appreciate night feeds [10:19]

What is the rule for feeding your newborn at night? [12:57]

Those random stretches of sleep that might happen [15:51]

Trying to re-create the ‘good’ nights [16:25]

Do you pump during the night? [22:40]

What is the longest stretch baby sleeps? [24:50]

Some reasons your baby might still be feeding at night [26:45]

The tigers [28:35]

Expectations of nighttime [30:10]

Finding yourself in a co-sleep situation [33:15]

Creating a safe sleep environment [35:00]

Solid foods (it’s a lie) [41:00]

Stay tuned for Part 2!

(there’s just so much to talk about!!)

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