Postpartum depression…or postpartum mood disorders.  What does this mean?  

And what mood disorders does it include?  

Listen this week as Dianne and Abby discuss this very important topic and how it may impact you as a parent.

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Things we talked about:
FB live fun!  Tune in! [6:05]
The main point everyone needs to know [8:50]
Abby talks about her anxiety after Jack was born [11:05]
Research [15:00]
Depression vs. anxiety [15:40]
The 4th trimester [18:40]
Normal newborn stuff [27:00]
Panic disorder [28:21]
Perinatal OCD [28:30]
PTSD [30:25]
A real-life example [32:45]
Perinatal bipolar disorder [34:30]
Postpartum psychosis [38:23]
Getting help [44:07]

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