Have you ever had thrush?

Are you afraid of getting thrush?

Is this the first time you’ve ever heard of thrush, and now you are afraid?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is your podcast.  Let’s go learn about thrush!

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Things we talked about:

What is thrush anyway? [7:14]

Dianne’s dog Kane makes a vocal appearance [8:41]

Google pictures of thrush are awful (and mosquito bites) [9:28]

Thrush symptoms for mothers [10:08]

Medication for babies [12:00]

Is it a latch problem? Or is it thrush? [13:30]

Can you use the milk? [21:10]

Kellymom info about pumped milk [21:50]

Herbal treatments [25:38]

Postpartum care for mothers is lacking [29:20]

Prenatal vs. Postpartum care [32:45]

Shout out of the week is @blackgirlsbreastfeedingclub

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