Did you get stuff for your baby shower that you still haven’t used?

Do you wonder why you have 4 different baby seats and 3 different places for your baby to sleep?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you step into a baby store?

You have to listen to this episode.  If nothing else, for solidarity.

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Things we talked about:

Why don’t we have a sponsor? [5:09]

Registry check list [6:53]

Baby carriers are essential [10:20]

Abby’s babywearing obsession [11:45]

The LIST! [16:35]

Nesting [18:08]

Baby travel – what’s a stroller foot muff? [20:23]

Diaper bags for everyone! [22:27]

Abby’s baby backpack problem [23:32]

Dianne’s favorite ridiculous product [28:39]

Dianne’s opinion on the most frivolous product [32:14]

What’s a splat mat [33:54]

What’s your favorite product? [39:21]

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