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Have you ever heard of the breast infection mastitis?  Or have you had mastitis?  How do you prevent it from happening?  Sometimes you can’t, but sometimes you can.  Listen in today as Dianne and Abby talk about how to prevent mastitis from happening.

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 Things we talked about:

Everyone is at risk for mastitis [5:35]

What is mastitis [7:53]

Reasons why mastitis can happen [10:58]

Extreme fatigue and stress [13:35]

Missed feedings [14:00]

Weaning too quickly [16:34]

Tight restrictive clothing [16:58]

Sleep positions [18:00]

Holidays [22:21]

Make sure baby is latching well [25:37]

How to help the inflamed breast [29:33]

Recurring mastitis [31:46]

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