Are you pumping?  Or planning to start pumping?

Have you been pumping for a while, and hate it?

Have you heard any pumping myths?  We guarantee you have. 

Tune into this episode to get the run down on pumping myths.

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 Things we talked about:

Jumping right in with the first myth [3:30]

It’s never a bad time to feed your baby [6:03]

Pumping more instead of less [7:12]

Pumping output does not equal milk supply [9:29]

Flange sizes [10:40]

Pumped milk [15:22]

Human milk is live! [21:49]

Giving milk at specific times [25:23]

Painful pumping [29:54]

Paced bottle feeds [31:42]

You do not need a pump to successfully breastfeed [36:29]

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