Have you ever been worried that your baby is being overfed while you are gone?

Did you ever have someone watch your baby and tell you how hungry your baby was?

Were you ever worried that you couldn’t keep up with the demand for milk after returning to work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then get ready to be empowered.  It’s all over now.

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Things we talked about:

Dianne and Abby have a random discussion about returning to work [1:30]

Bottle feeding [5:05]

“But she/he was crying and she/he took the bottle” [6:30]

Feeding cues [7:20]

Breastfeeding for comfort [10:11]

Why do babies cry? [12:32]

Paced bottle feeding [13:38]

Suck reflex [17:52]

The best way to use milk trays [26:36]

Instructing caregivers [29:54]

Is breastfeeding to blame? [34:00]

Tip of the week – @sjheimstead [20:50]

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Other things we mentioned that we wanted to share-  


Paced bottle feeding!

Do you know about paced bottle feeding? Anyone who feeds with a bottle, feels like they can't pump enough for their baby or feels like their baby is being overfed needs to know this technique! And learn about some awesome products from Belly to Breast: Fairhaven Health! Use code BADASS at checkout for 10% of your order at fairhavenhealth.com!

Posted by The Badass Breastfeeder on Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Hands-on pumping!

Hands-On Pumping and my favorite things from Fairhaven Health!

Do you use your hands when you pump? I am talking about Hands-On Pumping today and how you can pump up to 50% more milk with this simpe technique. I am also chatting to you about some of my favorite things from Belly to Breast: Fairhaven Health!

Posted by The Badass Breastfeeder on Sunday, 23 February 2020


Dianne’s blog post bottle feeding not being easier!

Link to Dianne’s class on May 9th!


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