Did you and your baby experience the 4 month sleep regression?

Is your baby under 4 months but your friends are scaring you about the 4 month sleep regression?

Do you want to know the truth about ALL sleep regressions?

You sure do. Listen to this episode.

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 Things we talked about:

Baby problem or breastfeeding problem? [3:45]

Do people even know about baby sleep? [7:02]

Abby doesn’t like the word “REGRESSION” [11:15]

Babies are not consistent [13:00]

4 month sleep regression based on development [13:58]

What is an infant sleep problem? [15:16]

Self-soothing [23:31]

What’s happening with your baby? [24:36]

What does the research say about parental response? [29:19]

Sensitive and temperamental babies [29:37]

What happened when Abby hired a sleep consultant? [30:48]

Societal barriers and lack of support [34:30]

Shout out of the week – The Birthing Place, @birthingplacebx on IG [21:10]


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