Did you have your baby during the pandemic?

Are you about to have a baby during the pandemic?

Are you concerned about the mixed messages surrounding breastfeeding and social distancing with a new baby?

Everyone has questions about what to do during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Listen to the reality.

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Things we talked about:

Winning the pandemic [5:38]

Non-existent lactation support [6:36]

The fallout [7:41]

Social distance dilemma [12:27]

Leading organization that is encouraging distance from your baby [13:16]

Don’t touch your newborn for 2 weeks.  WHAT? [14:19]

The WHO has opposite recommendations [16:55]

Bias?  Who are these messages and regulations meant for, anyway? [17:40]

WHO/UNICEF statement [23:50]

Research shows breastfeeding is safe [24:06]

Difference between CDC and WHO (in case you’re wondering) [28:25]

Recommendations [31:16]

No evidence to support separation of mothers and babies [32:09]

Formula = MONEY [33:29]

Breastfeeding is more than just feeding a baby [34:14]

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Shout out of the week – The Black Course [22:13]


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