Have you struggled with lack of sleep because of your new baby?

Were you told that bed sharing would lead to the death of your baby?

Did you know that there are very specific risk factors linked to unsafe bedsharing?

If you ever wondered about any of these things, you definitely need this episode.  You will probably not get this information anywhere else.  And it’s important.

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Things we talked about:

Who is James McKenna? [3:09]

Co-sleep vs. Bed share – what do the terms mean? [3:51]

Milwaukee anti bed sharing campaign [5:40]

Risks [9:26]

Being in tune with your baby [10:50]

Society and the disservice to parents [12:07]

McKenna quote- body as a lethal weapon [13:21]

Another McKenna quote- carseats and driving under the influence [18:27]

Breastfeeding and bed sharing go together [24:47]

Why is bottle feeding a risk factor? [24:56]

Evolutionary Parenting quote [28:40]

McKenna quote which brings us to the end of Part 1 [32:28]

Making an informed decision [33:17]

Tip of the week – Tasmim Shalmi [22:37]

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Other things we mentioned that we wanted to share-  

Dr. James McKenna’s article mentioned in the podcast.

Dr. James McKenna’s recommendations for safe co-sleeping.


The shameful ad of a baby sleeping next to a knife.


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