Every year, August 1-7 is deemed World Breastfeeding Week.  The month of August is World Breastfeeding Month.  Stay tuned all month for educational and empowering information about breastfeeding from all over the globe.  

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Things we talked about:

Things coming up this month to showcase breastfeeding [3:14]

Breastfeeding Rates [5:00]

Return to Work and breastfeeding stats [9:26]

Norway [9:58]

Rates for babies who are ever breastfed [11:40]

Rwanda [12:35]

Mongolia [16:17]

Extended breastfeeding – amazing statistic supporting expended breastfeeding [23:14]

Brazil [26:07]

Formula stats in the billions of dollars [28:06]

How breastfeeding impacts our planet [29:30]

How you can help [32:00]

Shout out of the week – Moms Rising [21:58]

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