Did you worry about your milk supply when your baby was newborn?

Is your baby over 6 months and you STILL worry?

Do you feel less full?  Wake up during the night only to pump?

If the answer is YES, PLEASE listen to this episode.  You will feel much better.
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Things we talked about:

What happens to milk supply once things start to change? [2:59]

Your baby at 6 months [4:42]

Your body responds to your baby [5:50]

3-4 month changes [7:01]

What makes us think our milk is going away? [10:00]

Breastfeeding challenges when baby is newborn [18:40]

New challenges after the newborn period [19:21]

Pumping changes as baby grows [21:15]

Going back to the early days [24:19]

Behavioral changes vs. milk supply [26:18]

Measuring supply based on what you see [27:53]

Don’t expect your supply to be what it was when baby was a newborn [31:09]

Shout out of the week – Indigenous Birth Alberta – Facebook/indigenousbirthalberta Instagram/indigenousbirthab [17:27]


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