Did you know that the second week of World Breastfeeding Month is Native Breastfeeding Week? Native Breastfeeding Week was started in 2019.  Abby had the pleasure of talking to Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk, the driving force behind Native Breastfeeding Week.  DO NOT miss this eye-opening, informational interview!

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Things we talked about:

Native Breastfeeding Week origin [4:51]

Some Native history [15:00]

Breastfeeding numbers…where are they? [27:50]

Where are the Indigenous People? [28:40]

Exclusive breastfeeding and cultural norms for Native people [43:00]

Story of how one family supported breastfeeding [47:18]

How many Native IBCLC’s are there? [54:11]

Supporting Native breastfeeding/chestfeeding [58:16]

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