Is your baby constantly nursing?
Have you ever wondered if blue Gatorade will increase your supply?
Will your milk loose nutritional value?
Milk supply myths will completely change the way you think about your milk supply.  We love busting myths, and these are some of our favorites.

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Things we talked about:

Abby’s Myth List:

  • Breasts don’t feel full [5:03]
  • Pumping = supply [12:35]
  • Baby is constantly nursing [19:15]
  • Baby finished a bottle after breastfeeding [23:02]
  • Leaking [28:54]

Dianne’s Myth List:

  • Milk isn’t fatty enough [9:12]
  • Blue gatorade [21:31]
  • Loses nutritional value [27:02]
  • Less milk at night [30:38]
  • Baby is allergic to the milk [32:20]
  • Milk never came in [33:10]

The Tip of the Week was from Michelle Anne Palmer from the Badass community [18:20]

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