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Did you feel engorged after your baby was born?  How did you manage it?  Dianne and Abby break down what engorgement is, how to manage it and some things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming engorged.  

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Things we talked about:

Changes to your body [7:10]

What is engorgement [8:50]

What causes it? [12:23]

Mastitis [14:10]

Delay of milk [16:12]

Managing engorgement [20:20]

Ice is key [20:50]

What makes engorgement worse? [23:54]

Skipping feeds [24:29]

Medications and fluids [26:08]

Reclining and lymphatic massage [30:08]

Lactating breast changes [32:25]

Latch issues [33:20]

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