Is or was your newborn really sleepy?

Did you think your baby was defective because of how sleepy he was?

Did you ever wonder what is normal, when should your baby be more awake?

If your baby was sleepy after he/she was born, you should listen to this episode.  And that is probably everyone.

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Things we talked about:

What makes a baby sleepy? [4:20]

Waking for feeds [7:33]

Tips for waking a sleepy baby [7:53]

How often should you wake your baby? [9:41]

Keeping baby awake during a feed [12:04]

What’s the difference between suck and suckle? Nutritive and non-nutritive suck? [14:14]

Jaundice [21:51]

Awake time for babies [23:07]

Should you wake a sleeping baby?? [25:24]

When can you let them sleep longer? [26:02]

What are ‘appropriate’ times [29:31]

Sleepy newborn babies are normal babies [30:28]

Shout out of the week – Birth By Grace [20:35]

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